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HOT by name, HOT by nature

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Cara (aka) Lady Flame
31 July 1973
Hi, my name is Cara (aka) Lady Flame, and I post both my art (whether it be anime or anthro, fanart or original), and my fiction (original or fanfiction, short poetry or longer 'chapter' fics), at redhotwords

Fandoms I play with are: Anime - Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, & Naruto; TV/Books - Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Harry Potter; & Video Games - Crash Bandicoot.

My signature is 'HOT by name, HOT by nature', and I've certainly earned that over the years through my love of reading, writing, and drawing, 'Erotica' in all flavours!! Of course, that's not ALL I write/draw, so don't be surprised to find quite a bit of lower rated general stuff as well.

I am an ADULT, and I write for ADULTS, this means nudity, sex, swearing and occasional graphic violence, 'Real Life' isn't all bluebirds and rainbows, and I represent that in my work... ah yes, also be warned I love homoerotica, or what most people call slash/yaoi, I also have a dark and sometimes twisted sense of humour... you have been WARNED!!

Other than here on LiveJournal, you can find me at the following:

y!Gallery - male only art, allows NC17 submissions, but you have to have an account to view... This is the site in which I am most active!!

deviantART - general art gallery, does allow nudity, but nothing too sexy... *rolls eyes*

FurAffinity - all my furry anthro art, as well as some of my fantasy stuff...

RubberFolks - gallery dedicated to gymnastic and contortion art, however it does allow non-bendy art, it also allows NC17 submissions of any sex...

AdultFanFiction.net - exactly what it says... just R & NC17 rated fiction!!

Wonderful World of MakeBelieve fiction of ALL ratings...

MediaMiner.org - picture hosting

Want to know when I update with new stuff... join my yahoogroup!!

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