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My Spander FicRec List!!


Okay, so my LJ Memories are getting kinda out of control, definite fic overload, so I decided that I would create an entry to recommend my favourite Spander fics on LJ, and this is it... this entry will be constantly updated, and hopefully arranged into different themes, such as 'Human AU', 'Post-Apocalyptic', 'Hurt/Comfort', etc...

AMNESIA FIC - involving one or more characters suffering loss of memory

As If We Should Forget We Have No Hands (complete @ 12 chapters) by tabaqui

Awakenings (complete @ 10 chapters) & The Art of Staying by _beetle_

Closeted (complete @ 6 chapters) by kimberly_a

Lost, Or Somewhere Near There (complete @ 13 chapters) by Angel Jade

Precious Jewel (complete @ 8 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

Provocation (WIP @ 15 chapters) by _obsession_is_

Through The Looking Glass (complete @ 15 chapters) by kimberly_a

ANGST/DARK FIC - exactly what it says... may contain abuse, rape, torture, etc, and their consequences, ie, attempted suicide. May contain character death, but I tend not to rec those as I find them too distressing... but sometimes we all need a good cry!!

Lost (Complete @ 35 chapters) by authoressnebula

ANIMAL MAGIC - involving animals, or one or more characters being turned into animals

Cuddly Predators (WIP @ 4 chapters) by entrenous88

Dog Eat Dog World (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf

Kitty Toy (oneshot ficlet) by spikedluv

Pups 'O Plenty (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf

Spike's Kitty (oneshot ficlet) by jans_intentions

The Cat Life (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf

The Hunt (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf


Fifty Bucks (oneshot ficlet) by tabaqui

BODY SWAP - involving one or more characters swapping bodies, either with someone else, or with a demon

A Mile in my Shoes (complete @ 9 chapters) by Neena

The Exchange (complete @ 8 chapters) by lusciousxander & lusciousspike

Waking Up (complete @ 9 chapters) by savoytruffle

CHOCOLATE!!/FOOD!SEX - sex involving chocolate, whipped cream, cake frosting, etc

Blame It On The Dip (oneshot ficlet) by kyrieane

Chocolatey Goodness (on hiatus @ chapter 17F) by mpoetess

Hershey's Heaven On Earth Spa (oneshot ficlet) by darkhavens

Intense (oneshot) by robintcj

M&M's (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf

Pressie & Cake & Property of X by werewindle (first two stories in what is now known as the Owned!Verse)

VampNip (oneshot) by spikedluv

CROSS DRESS/DRAG QUEEN - involving one or more male characters dressing as a woman, or vice-versa

All Bets Are Off (complete @ 3 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

Come As You Are (oneshot ficlet) by txrabbit

Daring Lace (complete @ 2 chapters) by werewindle (third story in the Owned!Verse)

The Most Beautiful Woman (oneshot ficlet) by moosesal

The Road To Poofdom (complete @ 12 chapters) & Road to Sex, Lies & Duct Tape (WIP @ 33 chapters) by bytemi66

DRABBLES & POETRY - a story in 500 words or less, including poetry

Categories (drabble) by fanbot

Drabble Series (on hiatus/complete @ 113 drabbles) by margarks

Sex, Guys & Limericks (limericks) by ladyflame_uk

Sunset (poem & manip) by ladyflame_uk

You're An Idiot... But I Love You!! (poetry drabble) by ladyflame_uk


A Spandery Fairy Tale (complete @ 6 chapters) & Evil Dark Fairy Tale (complete @ 3 chapters) by virtualpersonal & nashmaveric

A Wooded Future (complete @ 18 chapters) by rngrdead

Jewels of the Sea (WIP @ chapters) by KaylaB

Life of Almighty (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf

The Gardener & The Fairy (complete @ 5 chapters) by jans_intentions

When Love Is Voiced (complete @ 2 chapters) by fanbot


High, Flying, Fucked (not archived on LJ) & Let's Do It (sequel for the Cole Porter Ficathon) by nashmaveric

Horny (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf


Growing Pains (complete @ 2 chapters) by frk_werewolf

It Happened On The Way To The Donut Shop (oneshot ficlet) by spikedluv


A Fairy Tale (oneshot ficlet) by Kayla (not archived on LJ) - Hansel & Gretel

Determined (oneshot ficlet) by virtualpersonal - Sleeping Beauty

Donut Boy (complete @ 11 chapters) by reremouse - Cinderella

Neverland (complete @ 13 chapters) by tabaqui

This Is The Story Of Your Gypsy Uncle (on hiatus @ 6 chapters) by the members of svfic

HISTORICAL AU/TIME-TRAVEL - greeks, romans, aztecs, vikings, bodice-rippers, etc

Alex & Will's Excellent Adventure (oneshot ficlet) by ladycat777

Bloody Odin (complete @ 6 chapters) by tabaqui

Captured (oneshot) by strickens_girl - pirates

New World (complete @ 13 chapters) by tistoo

The Education of Lieutenant Harris (WIP @ 2 chapters) by salustra & darker_fae - pirates

The Naughty Ward (WIP @ 8 chapters) by virtualpersonal

The Shepherd & the Mountain God (complete @ 4 chapters) by jans_intentions - ancient greece

The Vampire's Heir (WIP @ 20 chapters) by sistercuervo - regency gothic

Unchained (complete @ 7 chapters) by strickens_girl - scots


An Orange Day (complete @ 2 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

Apartment 4A (complete @ 9 chapters) by kyrieane

Changing His Religion (complete @ 6 chapters) by eyesrthewindows

emo!boys (oneshot ficlet) by ladycat777

Fancy A Ride (complete @ 6 chapters) by rsk_fiction

Getting On (WIP @ 15 chapters) by tistoo

Golden Sun (WIP @ 12 chapters) by xmirax (Alternate Link)

Kissing Cousins (WIP @ 21 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

Plausible Deniability (complete @ 4 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

Spander In Spandex (WIP @ 27 chapters) by kaygrr

Spring Break (complete @ 5 chapters) by sunnyd_lite

Really Not Bad (oneshot ficlet) by eyezrthewindows

When Boy Meets Boy (complete @ 7 chapters) by nashmaveric


Daddy Dearest (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf

Fade Away (oneshot ficlet) by txrabbit

Shards (complete @ 20 chapters) & Shards II (complete @ 8 chapters) by jans_intentions

They Tell Me It Rained (complete @ 8 chapters) & Over A Cardboard Sea (complete @ 8 chapters) by savoytruffle

Shaking Through (on hiatus @ 6 chapters) by the members of svfic

Trust Me (WIP @ 2 chapters) by tempestsreach


All I Need (complete @ 40 chapters) by tistoo

Nervous (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf


Demons Anonymous (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf

Home Decor (oneshot ficlet) by sunnyd_lite

How To Date A Vampire (complete @ 9 chapters) by suki_blue

Oh Rocky! (oneshot ficlet) by fanbot

Priceless (oneshot) by Wildannuette

Reunion (complete) by Kirasmommy

Seven Years by fanbot

Xander's Egg (complete @ 17 chapters) by frk_werewolf


There's Your Trouble (complete @ 15 chapters) by savoytruffle


ark_tagstory (last updated 15/05) by various

Bounty/Savage Slave (WIP @ 2 chapters) by jans_intentions

Breaking Free (WIP @ 19 chapters) by stillrose

Scaling Heaven (WIP @ 8 chapters) by tabaqui


3 Inches (WIP @ 14 chapters) by druffine

GateKeeper (oneshot ficlet) by fanbot

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy (oneshot) by eyezrthewindows

Pixie Dust (oneshot) by sharkie

Stupid Cupid (oneshot ficlet) by spikedluv

Touched by virtualpersonal


Expecting (complete @ 14 chapters) by entrenous88

Misconceptions (WIP @ 7 chapters) by iamthelizardqueen

Nine Months (on hiatus @ 12 chapters) by scorpio

Spells, Men, Sex & Babies (WIP @ chapter 8A) by kiwileesa


Bargain (WIP @ 19 chapters) by lj user="immortal_kat">

Demagnetized (WIP @ 20 chapters) by creyr

Figured You Out (oneshot ficlet) by ladycat777

Indentured (WIP @ 2 chapters) by fanbot

Spike's Pet (oneshot ficlet) by jans_intentions

Ten Things I'd Do To You If We Weren't Friends (complete @ 2 chapters) by jans_intentions


Dirty Dancing Spander Style (WIP @ 12 chapters) by savoytruffle


How I Spent My Summer Vacation (complete @ 3 chapters) by _beetle_


Apocalypse Laterish (complete @ 18 chapters) by Metaforgirl

Babylon (complete @ 8 chapters) by tabaqui

Cursed (complete @ 6 chapters) by texanfan

Dogs Of War (complete @ 8 chapters) by tabaqui

Gloryhole (complete @ 10 chapters) by witling

Hero (complete @ 18 chapters) by markedxup

Weep Not For (oneshot ficlet) by spikedluv


Accidental Meeting (complete @ 6 chapters) by tistoo

Acting Out (complete @ 12 chapters) by markedxup

Aftermath (complete @ 36 chapters) by imaginaryimages

Approved Mode of Payback (5/5 & WIP @ 16 chapters) by herself_nyc

Becoming Known (WIP @ 34 chapters) by tistoo

Felon Fodder (WIP @ 14 chapters) by [Unknown LJ tag]

Keeper of the Book (complete @ 76 chapters) & Another Door (complete @ 107 chapters) by nwhepcat

No More Snakes & Ladders (complete @ 25 chapters) by tabaqui & reremouse

Not Gonna Happen... Really (complete @ 8 chapters) by tistoo

Payless (complete @ 20 chapters) by Metaforgirl

Priest Xander (complete @ 27 chapters) by kaygrr

Protective Custody (complete @ 19 chapters) by nashmaveric & virtualpersonal

Redivivus (WIP @ 2 chapters) by imaginaryimages

Rescue (WIP @ 6 chapters) by fearless5555

Respite (oneshot ficlet) & Recall (complete @ 8 chapters) by metaforgirl

Sins (complete @ 7 chapters) by tistoo

Slip Slide Melting (complete @ 20 chapters) by tistoo

Unbreakable (WIP @ 34 chapters) by fanbot

Working Man (complete @ 20 chapters) by cleeaz


Childe of My Heart Chapter 1 - 51 / Chapter 52 onwards (WIP @ chapter 58) by shanyah

griefcounseling (WIP @ 62 chapters) by suki_blue and amejisuto

Reassembling (complete @ 30 chapters) by texanfan


Bare It All (complete @ 10 chapters) by authoressnebula

Close Up & Personal (oneshot ficlet) by spikedluv

Dance, Dance (oneshot ficlet) by apoca_lypse

Dancer (complete @ 9 chapters) by robintcj

Gentleman's Night (oneshot ficlet) by ladycat777

Laid Bare (oneshot) by robintcj & willshenilshe

Love of the Loveless (oneshot) by FeatheredQuill

No Power On Earth (complete @ 22 chapters) by circe

Secrets (complete @ 5 chapters) by Laikokae

Striptease (WIP @ 2 chapters) by karinms

Up Close & Personal (oneshot ficlet) by spikedluv


Abducted (oneshot ficlet) by fanbot

A Little Porn (oneshot ficlet) by margarks (not archived on LJ)

And I Feel Fine (oneshot ficlet) by fanbot

A Night In (oneshot ficlet) by fanbot (coercion!verse)

A Spot of Dreaming (oneshot ficlet) by ladycat777 (not archived on LJ)

Bathtime (oneshot ficlet) by ladycat777

Bored & Horny (oneshot ficlets) by loony_sasquatch

Bored Xander Trilogy (complete @ 3 chapters) by luvxander (not archived on LJ)

First Kiss (oneshot ficlet) by spikedluv

Framed (complete @ 2 chapters) by fanbot (Coercion!Verse)

Games We Play & Games We Play Again (oneshot ficlets) by luvxander (not archived on LJ)

Hat Trick (oneshot ficlet) by sunnyd_lite

Itch (oneshot ficlet) by ladycat777

Masturbation Theatre (oneshot ficlet) by moosesal

Mr Happy (oneshot ficlet) by scorpio (not archived on LJ)

Nanny Cam (oneshot ficlet) by fanbot

Spike's Movie & Xander's Revenge (oneshot ficlets) by Byrne (not archived on LJ)

Spin The Bottle (Spander Kissing Meme) by moosesal

Swinging (complete @ 3 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

This ain’t Tiffany, but I’ve got your breakfast right here (oneshot ficlet) by moosesal

Touch (complete @ 2 chapters) by jameschick (not archived on LJ)

Truth or Dare (complete @ 16 chapters) by byrne (not archived on LJ)


Already Unwrapped (oneshot ficlet) by moosesal - Birthday

Charmed (oneshot ficlet) by spikedluv - Valentine's Day

Christmas Heat (oneshot ficlet) by virtualpersonal - Christmas

Naughty Nick & the Evil Elf (complete @ 6 chapters) by tistoo

Rules (WIP @ 4 chapters) by virtualpersonal - Birthday

The New Year's Kiss (oneshot ficlet) by virtualpersonal - New Year


Manly Girly Giggles (complete @ 17 chapters) & Radioactive Flowers (WIP @ 9 chapters) by kiararogue

The Weirdest Thing (oneshot ficlet) by frk_werewolf


Come, Come, Come (complete @ 3 chapters) by Kahlan Nightwing - Faith

Irresistable When You (complete @ 6 chapters) by eyezrthewindows - Angel

Lollipop (oneshot) by ladycat777 - Buffy

You Got Spike (on hiatus @ 15 chapters) by evilshelly - Anya

You Heard Me (oneshot ficlet) by thedabara_cds - Anya


HotTub-A-Rama (WIP @ 5 chapters) by fanbot


A Week of Wrong (complete) by eliade

And Let The Gods Do The Rest (WIP @ 5 chapters) by reremouse & savoytruffle

As Two Such Men (complete @ 14 chapters) by mwrgana

Becoming Known (WIP @ 6 chapters) by tistoo

Brass Knackers (complete @ 6 chapters) by Sabre ShadowKitten

Don't Know How It Happened (complete @ 4 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

Coercion (complete @ 40 chapters) & Coerced (complete @ 5 chapters) by fanbot

Everlasting Love (complete @ 5 chapters) by amejisuto

Gagging For It (complete @ 3 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

Got Fangs (oneshot) by virtualpersonal

One Night & Inside (oneshots) by wickedfire

My Scorpion (oneshot) by FireHorse

Sense & Sensability by reremouse & savoytruffle

Sheared (complete @ 3 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

Something Borrowed (complete @ 3 chapters) by _beetle_

Sour Revenge (WIP @ 26 chapters) by flufshepherd

To Start Again (WIP @ 3 chapters) by gnome781

Trickster's Treat & Janus' Shadow (complete @ 6 chapters & 16 chapters) by lit_gal

Twilight Time (complete @ 29 chapters) by Shadow

Unlikely Allies (WIP @ 4 chapters) by executed_blonde

Waffle House (complete @ 8 chapters) by sajinn

Woman Suck Series (first 7 chapters), Premeditated, & Best Policy (complete @ 9 chapters) by spikedluv


200 Years (WIP @ 5 chapters) by reremouse

Angst Monkey (complete @ 45 chapters) by kaygrr

Vamp!Xander and William (Five Ways Spike and Xander Didn't Meet #5) by spikedluv


Things Seen (oneshot) by mwrgana


1 4 3 (complete @ 3 chapters) by CalypsoWoodhaven

A Dog's Life (oneshot) by dnalia

A Teeth & Claws Bloke (oneshot) by moosesal

Are You There? (complete @ 2 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

Brothers In Arms (oneshot) by poshcat

Chants For Those Gone (oneshot) by fanbot

Ditsy (oneshot) by virtualpersonal

Giving In To You (complete @ 2 chapters) by eyezrthewindows

Haunted (complete @ 2 chapters) by jameschick

Help Me Tell Him No (oneshot) by virtualpersonal

Hour of Power (oneshot) by robintcj

Pups O'Plenty (oneshot) by frk_werewolf

Snow At Christmas (oneshot) by spikedluv

That's A Growl (oneshot) by fanbot (coercion!verse)

Your Love Coming Down Like Rain (oneshot) by moosesal
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