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Where's your Fic/Art?! + Requests


If you are looking for my artwork and fiction, you can find it all at redhotwords, and please feed the author/artist, the more you comment, the more likely it is that I will be motivated to write/draw more!!

Other communities that belong to me, where I post various projects are:

sunnyd_bfast - fic based on the film 'The Breakfast Club', with a Spander twist!!

dogsontheblock - weird AU art project which I play with when I'm in the mood for a laugh... the male cast of Buffy/Angel as naked chibi doyboys!! The first set of cartoons are entitled 'The Adventures of Xanpet & Spike the Horny Dog!!'

look_b4_u_leap - my AU 6th Year Harry/Draco fic... started in October 2004, currently on hiatus, since my Harry/Draco muse stayed AWOL, when the rest of my muses returned to me, wasn't helped that I couldn't get into reading 'Half Blood Prince', but it perked up a bit when I went to watch 'Goblet of Fire' at the cinema, (even though there wasn't near enough Harry/Draco interaction as I would have liked), so it may return when I get the DVD (it's on order!!)

Oh, and if you have any requests, please feel free to post them in a comment on this thread. stretfordditto & executed_blonde gave me some great ones!! Remember however, that I have a massive 'to do' list of writing, and art, so you might not get your request straight away!!
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