October 12th, 2006

sea witch

Go break a foot!! Not of the good!!


Sometimes I think that the Powers That Be don't like me very much... after collapsing at work back at the end of May, they decided that I had 'woman' problems, and tentatively diagnosed me with Endometriosis just before my birthday in July, but they wanted to do an investigative lapioscapy to make sure.

So my operation was scheduled for 28 September, and on the Monday beforehand, I trip on the curb walking home from dropping ChibiFlame off at school. I land on my left knee, with my right foot twisted up underneath me. A couple of nice people come over to see if I am okay, and did I want an ambulance, and I stupidly said no, I'm sure I've just twisted my ankle, and if someone can just help me across the road I only live around the corner. By the time I got home I was literally sobbing with pain, and the Ginger Viking told me I was an idiot for walking on it, and I'd have to wait until he'd had a coffee & woken up properly before he'd take me to A&E. So after spending the morning waiting in various parts of the hospital, I was told that I'd fractured a bone in my foot/ankle, with another possible fracture on the outside of my foot, and I'd have to go and have it put in a cast.

So I turned up for my op with a cast up to my knee, and hobbling around on crutches, and for one horrible moment I thought they weren't gonna do it, but they said okay and I had the op. Two incisions, a tiny one just above my groin, and a larger one in my belly button, and after all that they told me that they couldn't see any signs of Endometriosis, and they'd see me on 27 December to further discuss my case!! WTF!! Another THREE months!! I swear I'm gonna hit the menopause before they figure out what's wrong!!

Anyway the 2 weeks that I was supposed to have off work to recover from the op, has turned into 6 weeks thanks to my broken foot/ankle... the first week I didn't do much cause I felt like crap, but this second week I've sorted some stuff in my bedroom, and caught up on some of the books that I've been meaning to read, and I'm going to update redhotwords, and do some writing, which will please the people who are waiting for me to continue various of my stories, including 'Look Before You Leap' & 'Five Senses' for Harry/Draco, and 'Three Scooby's & the Big Bad Vamp' & 'The Breakfast Club @ Sunnydale High' for all your Spander needs!!