June 24th, 2006

sea witch

FOR SALE!! & life stuff...


I need some spending money, and I also need to clear some space in my bedroom/loft, so I'm selling some of my wide collection of anime merchendise... there's absolutely loads of Inuyasha stuff for sale, and also some Rurouni Kenshin, and some misc anime videos, etc. If you want to browse through then go HERE

This is nowhere near everything, since I've got loads of stuff, most of which I got straight from Japan... I'll keep listing stuff, until most of my HUGE collection is gone, (though there are several items which my husband will have to kill me before I let go XD).

Onto the life stuff... some of you may know that I was in hospital for a couple of days a few weeks back, after I collapsed at work... they let me out when they ruled out bowel trouble, and they've decided it's something gynacological... well I've finally got an appointment for OutPatients, unfortunately it's not until the end of July, a couple of days before my birthday in fact.

Other stuff... I've just finished reading the MOST amazing book, it's called 'The Price Of Temptation. I found it when I did an image search for gay historical romance, (not thinking that I would actually get any results). Cas you seriously have to get this book!! You can get it from Amazon, and a full list is on the website. The author is going to have another gay historical romance published later this year, called 'Discreet Young Gentleman', and I'm seriously going to be first in the queue to buy it!!

And of course, I've just bought the 'Underworld' & 'Underworld Revolution' box set, which was cheaper than buying the two separately, and has all the same extras... and it's 20% off all CD's & DVD's at work, so with my staff discount at an additional 10% off, I got them for £14.22... I got popcorn, and both the 'Ginger Viking' and 'ChibiFlame' are away from home this weekend, so I'm gonna have great fun watching both films tonight with no interuptions!!