March 9th, 2006

Spring With Xan

Sorry, I've been so quiet...


Apart from updating my Spander FicRec Journal, I have been seriously neglecting my personal journal recently, and I've even been a bit quiet on the commenting side recently, and for that I am really sorry... special appologies go to Cas aka virtualpersonal, I have read your recent fics, and shall come across to your journal soon to comment!! But just so you know I really liked them, and that Valentine's Day one just choked me up!!

Anyway, my first day is coming up at spring_with_xan, the 22nd of March to be exact... and yay I have a few days holiday from work this week, and the Ginger Viking will be off doing his motorsport, so it's just me and Chibi Flame, so lots of time to work on it this weekend!! XD

For my submissions I'm doing a Spander Fractured Fairytale fic, titled 'The Three Scooby's & The Big Bad Vamp'; the first half of which is finished, and been given a quick pre-read by Cas, and the second half (the porny half) is still a WIP; I've also chosen six pics to manip on the theme of woodcutter/carpenter to go with the fic (3 R-rated, 3 NC-17 rated); and hopefully I shall also be including the S/X two pretty boys and a double dildo artwork, that I've promised my arty friend yohtan for his birthday, however, it's giving me some grief, and I seriously need some sort of reference, :sweatdrop: But even if I don't get the art finished, I intend to write a PWP continuing on from the animated drabble that I did on the subject. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can find it HERE.

I have a second spring_with_xan day on the 23rd of April, St George's Day... and I have a fic and manips to celebrate the day!! It's titled 'Alexander & The Dragon', just think knights in shining armor, swords and sorcery, and Spike playing the dragon. I haven't started writing the fic, but I have already made the title pic, which I may give my f-list a sneak preview of closer to the time!! I also have another fic planned, a total PWP S5 gang-bang on Xan, which should be huge fun to write, and is titled 'Free For All... Ethan's Revenge', and the only people who won't get chance to take part or watch are Anya & Riley, cause I'm Ev0l!!

Want to join me in my Xan-man worship, then go sign up HERE, there are still 7 days open!!

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