September 5th, 2005

Bite My Sexy Arse

Jobs and Concerts...

Well I got the job at Sainsburys (didn't get the other one *sighs*), but a job is a job, and working checkouts is actually quite fun, (I worked the tills at McD's during my time as a student). It also means that I will have some cash in my pocket in time to go see James Marster in concert at the end of October!! :D

The only thing is, my mum has pulled out of going with me, and the Viking goes back to college at the beginning of October, and he'll be in college on the Friday, so it's a good job I've not got round to making accomodation arrangements... so I now have a spare ticket up for grabs, anyone want it, otherwise I'll have to send them back for a refund!!

I have 3 options to get down to London...

1 Drive all the way there... not if I can help it!! I really don't want to get involved in London's one way system, not to mention the traffic!!

2 Drive to Warwick on Thursday evening after work, and stay with my in-laws, and then get a train direct to London on Friday morning... I've done this before, and it works quite well, especially since my in-laws live just round the corner from Warwick Parkway train station (direct line to London).

3 Get a train to Manchester, and then a train to London, involves several changes of train, which I find quite stressful, as I alway fret I'm gonna miss my connection!! Definitely not something I'll be doing on my own!!

I need to find some more people to meet up with, it's no fun being in London on your own!! I also need to sort out some accomodation!!
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