August 20th, 2005

sea witch

New Toys!!


We sold our Fiat Uno to my mum, since it wasn't really the best car for us, and my mum had her car stolen last month, and we went to pick up the replacement today, a red Alfa Romeo 33 16 valve Sportwagon, which basically means it's a stylish, fast estate car.

We got McDonald's on the way down, so it was a nice afternoon out, even if quite a bit of it was spent on the motorway... plus I went to Sainsburys yesterday to fill in an application form, the personel lady was nice, and I think I made a good impression, or at least I hope I did, so I'm hoping I'll get a job.

Okay, so it isn't what I've been doing for the last decade or so, but maybe it WILL allow me to go back to college part time this September, and get a useful qualification, and still have money coming in to pay the mortgage!! Plus the Viking wants me to go back to my roots (originally did business studies & computing when I left school), since he finishes his computing degree next year, and he wants to maybe set up his own webhosting company... decisions, decisions!! *sighs* I just don't think I could cope with 2 courses plus a job, plus a family!! So I'll have to decide whether to do what I want to do, or to do what he wants me to do... I suppose it wouldn't be a hardship to go back to business & computing... I dunno, I'll just have to think more on it, do I really want to be dragged into doing the accounts for a self-employed business!! Do I want the responsibility, the stress!! It made me ill last time, and if something goes wrong, it could destroy our 15 year relationship, do I really want to take that chance!!

Huh, so something that started out cheerful, ended more in the angst spectrum *sighs* well at least I've got it off my chest, and although the Viking knows I have a LJ account, it's unlikely that he'll read this, and if he does well c'est la vie!!
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