August 17th, 2005

sea witch

Nature Lover


Wow, this is really cool!! Today in our back garden we saw a frog!!

Now if this was my Mum's garden, then it wouldn't be a big deal, since she has loads of frogs, hedgehogs too!! In fact, where she lives it's not unusual to see birds of prey like Sparrowhawks and Kestrals hovering, as well as carrion eaters such as Crows and Magpies, she has Robins, Tits and Finches visit her bird feeders, and geese migrate overhead every year, and one year we actually had a Swallows nest!! She doesn't have Grey Squirrels, but some areas of the town do, I think the only things they don't have are foxes and badgers, at least I've never heard of anyone seeing one anyway.

But round by us, not so common... though I did see some wild rabbits at the grass verge once, when I was on my way to work one early morning, I think they live in the old church yard.
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