July 24th, 2005

sea witch


THE CHIBI DID A POO ON THE POTTY!! *dances with joy* and she's pretty much dry during the day, and at night!!

*ahem* Okay, so a bit of a rabid mother moment there!! XD Ah, the joys of potty training!!

I'm also happy cause I read an e-mail from James Marsters Live, the official UK site, and he's going to be in 'Smallville', as the evil 'Brainiac', but we've been assured that it won't affect James's live gigs in London in October... better not, I've got tickets to the Friday and Saturday night gigs (was going to go for the Thursday too, but a long weekend is all I can manage to afford!!

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sea witch

The Great Escape!!

I've got to laugh... 6 sheep have somehow managed to get free of their pens, and are currently wandering around the slaughterhouse yard, if we didn't live right on a busy main road I'd be so tempted to go out and unlatch the gate to the yard!!
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