May 25th, 2005

sea witch



James Marsters new solo album just came in the post!! *dances round room with glee* (a'la Blue from 'Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends') can't wait to listen to it, but dammit it's in one of those cellophane wrappers which is almost impossible to get off!! *GRR ARGH* there's a crack in the casing, but I don't effin' care as long as the CD in in perfect nick.

The chibi also got post... my inlaws sent her a postcard from Wales, got your usual red dragon and 'cofion o gymru', no real message on the back, but then there's not much point when your sending it to someone who's 3 and can't read!! It is now her prized possession, which means she'll take it everywhere with her, until she eventually will end up ripping it, they're so cute at that age (when they're not having a tantrum anyway) :P
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    James Marsters - Katie