May 24th, 2005

sea witch

My avatar...

The animated avatar I created for devART is far too small for LJ, so I upped the size to 75x75, I decided not to make it the full 100x100 cause it made it really blurry...

If anyone's interested, it started life as a pencil drawing which my friend Kasumi let me play with, hmm, must be back around 2001, back then my own art was bloody awful, but I loved to do colourwork... this was originally just done with colour pencils, but this piece was my first attempt at doing some CG colour with Photoshop, I'll post the full piece in my redhotwords community sometime.

The animation goes something like this... face, tits, arse, gun, 'kiss your ass goodbye', blood, flashing 'game over' *snickers*

I fell in love with this back when Kasumi gifted it to me way back when, it is actually a pretty good anime likeness of me back then (I've got long hair now), and it has been and always will be my precious avatar!!

Sadly I lost touch with Kasumi... girlfriend if you see this and recognise it, get in touch cause I miss talking to ya *kisses* I'll write/draw some femslash just for you it's a promise!!
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