May 10th, 2005

sea witch


I was admiring the pattern of light on the metal sheet, that they've put on the gate of the slaughterhouse across the way, (they've also put a roof over the animal pens, though we couldn't see inside, the houses that are side-on could), when it occured to me that there was something missing from the picture... the white minibus which was parked across from our house is GONE!! Why the big excitement I hear you ask, well the damn thing hasn't moved in the last 4 - 6 weeks, and none of my immediate neighbours seemed to know who it belonged to, which means that it was probably someone who lives on the next street *growls* if it comes back I'm gonna go out when it gets dark and let its tyres down *evil grin*

I'm happy cause I've almost got every CD that James Marsters has ever released now, managed somehow to win 2 copies of 'David Letterman' *blinks* ah well, I'll just put it back on ebay, or maybe I'll give it to my mum as a late birthday present. *bounces* I can't wait until I get my first CD in the post, I want to listen to something other than the 'Mad Brilliant' samples!!

I'm so annoyed though, cause I found out that James Marsters did some live gigs in the UK at the end of April, including one in Coventry, which is like just up the road from where my inlaws live, he also did a convention in Milton Keynes *sighs* now he won't be in the UK until October, and then he'll be in London *rolls eyes* so far away from where I live, maybe I'll ask my mum and my aunt to go with me, (god that makes me sound like a tweenie but I get on with my mum/aunt they're both a laugh).
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sea witch

OMG!! redux

Yay!! Post was late (as usual), but when it came, what did I find?! Two of the Ghost of the Robot CD's had arrived, so I now have 5 tracks to listen to, as well as the samples... can't wait for the album to arrive!!

I really like the track which is playing at the moment, it has all different samples (trains, people talking, police sirens, etc) piano and accoustic guitar, not James on vocal, but whichever of the band is singing they've got a nice voice, and at 6 1/2 minutes its really nice to chill to...

*puts feet up, and watches the visualiser... ooh look, pretty colours*
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