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Life, James & Ebay?!

Feeling like utter shit at the moment, had a cold which turned into a chest infection with a really nasty cough, had steroids & antibiotics, more steroids & an inhaler, but I still feel no better, and I'm getting fed up of coughing so much I'm physically sick!!

I'm so hoping I'll be better to go see James in Cardiff on the 21st, got my hotel room booked, and I'm hoping my husband will drive me there, but I'm determined to get there whatever, as it is my birthday present to myself!!

Ebay has been profitable recently, leading me to selling my entire collection of Star Trek comics for £135, and the same bloke is interested in buying the rest of my collection too, so I'm working out a price for the rest of my collection of Star Trek books, trading cards & merchandise!! Also Ebay has this cool new thing 'Ebay To Go', which you can add to your journal, so I decided to give it a whirl below...

Lastly, I've got a 'new' car to replace the one some silly polish bloke messing about with his new scooter, (seriously 3 miles on the clock), wrote off when he crashed into it parked outside my house. I am now the proud owner of a bright red, R reg, VW Polo!!

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