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Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

Well we're starting to get sneak previews of the third Pirates of the Caribbean film, and can I just say *YAY!!*

Some people have been less than enthusiastic about the sequal 'Dead Man's Chest', but I was definitely not one of them!! I went to watch it at the cinema as a birthday treat, (and doesn't that make me sound 13 instead of 33 *lol*), with my Mum, Aunt & my Nan. We all came out of the theatre absolutely raving about the film, and my daughter also loves the film (which she saw on DVD), so that makes 4 generations of my family that loved that film!!

Anyway, here's what I've been able to find on the new film 'At World's End', which is due to be released on 25 May 2007:

Poster Previews:

You can read a speculation on the probable synopsis of the story here

Teaser Images:

Oh and Disney included Pirates in their Movie Surfer section...
The bit about Pirates is roughly in the middle... please note you will probably be asked if you want to open Windows Media Player, click yes and the clip will play.

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