Cara (aka) Lady Flame (ladyflame_uk) wrote,
Cara (aka) Lady Flame

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I want to cry!!

Seriously, I want to swap places with ChibiFlame for 5 minutes, and throw a tantrum!!

Why? Because I thought I'd managed to get one of the 130 tickets to James Marsters Thursday gig, since the Ginger Viking kindly agreed to try and get me one online, since I was going to be at work, and when I phoned him at 11.30am (the tickets went online at 10am), he said he'd been sucessful, but when I got home I read an email that said that they'd overshot the 130 tickets, and they were refunding my credit card payment!!

I'd gotten really excited, and even started to think what I was going to wear... now I feel really down, but at least I know I've got my ticket for the Friday gig, and I've also got my ticket for the talk and photoshoot at Collectormania.

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