Cara (aka) Lady Flame (ladyflame_uk) wrote,
Cara (aka) Lady Flame

New Layout for my Birthday!!


It's my birthday on 31st July, I shall be 33!! And to celebrate I've decided to use my 70's Spander!Punk manip & icon, after all I was born in the 70's!! *LOL*

I went out at the beginning of the month with the staff from ChibiFlame's pre-school, as the school is moving sites this year, the lady who runs it has decided that now would be a good time to retire. I couldn't really afford it, but I decided I needed a treat for my birthday, and I haven't been out for absolutely AGES!!

We went for a very nice meal at a local hotel, with entertainment!! We had an hour of a Robbie Williams Tribute, he was very good, he had a nice voice, and did all the jumping about on stage that Robbie does too!! 8O Then we had a disco until 1AM, which of course meant that the only time I was off the dance floor, was to go for a drink, or to use the loo!! XD

Then of course, the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film came out, and since my Aunt & my Nan were visiting my Mum's, I managed to persuade them all to take me to the cinema for my birthday!! None of them had seen the first film, so I lent them my DVD over the weekend, and then we went to see the film on the Tuesday afternoon after it came out. At the end of a absolutely fantastic film, I had 3 converts, and now all of us will be eagerly awaiting the release of the 3rd film!! *LOL*

The highlight of this past week, was going up to my brother-in-law's new house; he and his fiancee have just moved into a nice big house on the outskirts of Kendel in the Lake District. The house needs some work, but has great potential!! We had pizza for tea!! Yum!!

As for this coming week, I've got my hospital appointment... so maybe I'll finally find out exactly what is wrong with me, and get it fixed!! No actual plans for my birthday, since I will be working a 1.30pm - 9.30pm shift at work as usual, as they refused to let me have the day off!! :(

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