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My Life SUCKS!!!!


Why? I'll explain...

I collapsed with extreme lower abdominal pain at work on Saturday, went into shock, and ended up being taken to hospital in an ambulance, I got out last night after numerous blood tests, x-rays, and doctors exams, (I counted 6 different doctors), and some tablets which after taking only 3 caused stomach cramps, since they contain lactose, and that is one of my BIG intollerences, and the only thing they seem to have decided is that it isn't my bowels, they now think it's something gynacological, which they will do under 'Out Patients'.

I feel like crap, I feel as weak as a kitten, and when I try to do too much I go light headed, and on top of that I fully expect to be pulled into the office, & given a written warning when I get back to work, since I've now had 4 illnesses in 12 months...

Like I said, my life SUCKS!!

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