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My Spander FicRec List!!


Okay, so my LJ Memories are getting kinda out of control, definite fic overload, so I decided that I would create an entry to recommend my favourite Spander fics on LJ, and this is it... this entry will be constantly updated, and hopefully arranged into different themes, such as 'Human AU', 'Post-Apocalyptic', 'Hurt/Comfort', etc...

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Todd/Kurt Slash

X-men Evolution FicRecs

I have quite a few favourite pairings in the fandom, het would be Kitty/Kurt, Rogue/Todd, & Rogue/Remy; and slash pairings would be Todd/Kurt, and Pietro/Evan... and I'll give you three guesses to which pairing is my favourite, and the first two don't count!! *lol*

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Life, James & Ebay?!

Feeling like utter shit at the moment, had a cold which turned into a chest infection with a really nasty cough, had steroids & antibiotics, more steroids & an inhaler, but I still feel no better, and I'm getting fed up of coughing so much I'm physically sick!!

I'm so hoping I'll be better to go see James in Cardiff on the 21st, got my hotel room booked, and I'm hoping my husband will drive me there, but I'm determined to get there whatever, as it is my birthday present to myself!!

Ebay has been profitable recently, leading me to selling my entire collection of Star Trek comics for £135, and the same bloke is interested in buying the rest of my collection too, so I'm working out a price for the rest of my collection of Star Trek books, trading cards & merchandise!! Also Ebay has this cool new thing 'Ebay To Go', which you can add to your journal, so I decided to give it a whirl below...

Lastly, I've got a 'new' car to replace the one some silly polish bloke messing about with his new scooter, (seriously 3 miles on the clock), wrote off when he crashed into it parked outside my house. I am now the proud owner of a bright red, R reg, VW Polo!!
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Spring Fever 'Guitar Man' Gift Art

I don't normally post my art to my personal journal, posting it instead to my fic/art community redhotwords, but this is an exception...

This is the pencil lineart of my gift art for James Marsters, which I will be giving him when I see him in May during his Spring Fever Tour.

This is dedicated to stretfordditto & deedee7daydiary, who will both be accompanying me, and to whom I've already promised prints!!

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Valentine's Day Goodies @ CafePress!!

I've got two designs for Valentine's Day... 'Bleeding Heart' which is something a bit darker than the norm, and 'Lick' which is sexier, with a cheeky little verse in the greetings card *lol*

Both designs can be found on a range of products, from greetings cards to buttons and magnets.

Red Hot Press

CafePress are doing free US delivery, so go check it out, buy something, and give me tingles this Valentine's Day!!
sea witch

Spring Fever!!

Okay, you may remember that I was totally devestated when I thought I had tickets to the Thursday special show that James Marsters is putting on in May, credit card charged and everything, only to find out when I got back from work that actually I'd just missed out on one of the 130 tickets... well I'm gonna give Steve Himber a kiss, cause he's arranged for James to put on another gig on the Wednesday, and I got first dibs at a ticket!!

Here's what it says on the website:

Due to public demand, James has added a final gig to his forthcoming UK Spring Fever trip with an intimate warm-up concert in the heart of London's West End on Wednesday, May 2. 120 tickets will be available for this close-up gig and first chance (from 23 Jan) will go to the small number of fans who had to be refunded because of over-sales on the Spring Fever event. All other tickets will go on sale from the website at 1pm UK time on Sunday 28th January. Further details of venue and seating will be available at this time.

Oh, and I made myself a ticker to countdown to the event!!

I've already decided what to give James as a pressie... artwork like last time, my version of an image on the website from 'Words & Music', of James lay on a sofa with his guitar, and looking straight at the camera. Three months should be enough for me to get my act together, and finish something!! *lol*

Still selling stuff on ebay to pay for my accomodation, and I've been putting £20 a month away for my spending money, and of course I've paid for all my tickets using my credit card...


Wednesday 2 May - intimate warm-up concert in the heart of London's West End *GOT TICKET*
Thursday 3 May - Rich Mix Arts Complex, Bethnal Green *NOT GOT TICKET* (still disappointed not to be going to this, I wanted to hear James recite poetry!! *sniffles*)
Friday 4 May - Union Chapel, London *GOT TICKET*
Saturday 5 May - Collectormania Photo Shoot *GOT TICKET*
Sunday 6 May - Collectormania Photo Shoot *GOT TICKET*
Sunday 6 May - Collectormania Talk *GOT TICKET*
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Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

Well we're starting to get sneak previews of the third Pirates of the Caribbean film, and can I just say *YAY!!*

Some people have been less than enthusiastic about the sequal 'Dead Man's Chest', but I was definitely not one of them!! I went to watch it at the cinema as a birthday treat, (and doesn't that make me sound 13 instead of 33 *lol*), with my Mum, Aunt & my Nan. We all came out of the theatre absolutely raving about the film, and my daughter also loves the film (which she saw on DVD), so that makes 4 generations of my family that loved that film!!

Anyway, here's what I've been able to find on the new film 'At World's End', which is due to be released on 25 May 2007:

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