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Sorry, I've been so quiet...

March 9th, 2006 (03:43 pm)

current mood: cheerful


Apart from updating my Spander FicRec Journal, I have been seriously neglecting my personal journal recently, and I've even been a bit quiet on the commenting side recently, and for that I am really sorry... special appologies go to Cas aka virtualpersonal, I have read your recent fics, and shall come across to your journal soon to comment!! But just so you know I really liked them, and that Valentine's Day one just choked me up!!

Anyway, my first day is coming up at spring_with_xan, the 22nd of March to be exact... and yay I have a few days holiday from work this week, and the Ginger Viking will be off doing his motorsport, so it's just me and Chibi Flame, so lots of time to work on it this weekend!! XD

For my submissions I'm doing a Spander Fractured Fairytale fic, titled 'The Three Scooby's & The Big Bad Vamp'; the first half of which is finished, and been given a quick pre-read by Cas, and the second half (the porny half) is still a WIP; I've also chosen six pics to manip on the theme of woodcutter/carpenter to go with the fic (3 R-rated, 3 NC-17 rated); and hopefully I shall also be including the S/X two pretty boys and a double dildo artwork, that I've promised my arty friend yohtan for his birthday, however, it's giving me some grief, and I seriously need some sort of reference, :sweatdrop: But even if I don't get the art finished, I intend to write a PWP continuing on from the animated drabble that I did on the subject. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can find it HERE.

I have a second spring_with_xan day on the 23rd of April, St George's Day... and I have a fic and manips to celebrate the day!! It's titled 'Alexander & The Dragon', just think knights in shining armor, swords and sorcery, and Spike playing the dragon. I haven't started writing the fic, but I have already made the title pic, which I may give my f-list a sneak preview of closer to the time!! I also have another fic planned, a total PWP S5 gang-bang on Xan, which should be huge fun to write, and is titled 'Free For All... Ethan's Revenge', and the only people who won't get chance to take part or watch are Anya & Riley, cause I'm Ev0l!!

Want to join me in my Xan-man worship, then go sign up HERE, there are still 7 days open!!


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Dress Up For Xmas!!

December 21st, 2005 (09:25 pm)

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Chibi Flame had her Christmas party at nursery school yesterday, it was fancy dress & she went as a fushia fairy *LOL*

Chibi got a pressie from Father Christmas, which we put under the Christmas Tree when she got home, but she opened it today, even though we told her she had to wait until Sunday, she even put the wrapping paper neatly in the rubbish bag... I didn't know whether to laugh, or shout at her, *LOL* as long as she doesn't start on the other pressies!! XD

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Jobs and Concerts...

September 5th, 2005 (09:46 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: James Marsters 'Civilised Man' album on repeat!!

Well I got the job at Sainsburys (didn't get the other one *sighs*), but a job is a job, and working checkouts is actually quite fun, (I worked the tills at McD's during my time as a student). It also means that I will have some cash in my pocket in time to go see James Marster in concert at the end of October!! :D

The only thing is, my mum has pulled out of going with me, and the Viking goes back to college at the beginning of October, and he'll be in college on the Friday, so it's a good job I've not got round to making accomodation arrangements... so I now have a spare ticket up for grabs, anyone want it, otherwise I'll have to send them back for a refund!!

I have 3 options to get down to London...

1 Drive all the way there... not if I can help it!! I really don't want to get involved in London's one way system, not to mention the traffic!!

2 Drive to Warwick on Thursday evening after work, and stay with my in-laws, and then get a train direct to London on Friday morning... I've done this before, and it works quite well, especially since my in-laws live just round the corner from Warwick Parkway train station (direct line to London).

3 Get a train to Manchester, and then a train to London, involves several changes of train, which I find quite stressful, as I alway fret I'm gonna miss my connection!! Definitely not something I'll be doing on my own!!

I need to find some more people to meet up with, it's no fun being in London on your own!! I also need to sort out some accomodation!!

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(no subject)

August 30th, 2005 (07:51 am)

current mood: giggly


Got these from shiroioji

You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!

Oh, and you gotta check out THIS!! Star Wars translated into Chinese, and then back again for English subtitles, if you don't giggle your head off, then you aren't human!!

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Job Prospects...

August 26th, 2005 (01:31 pm)

current mood: hopeful


Wednesday, I went to 2 job interviews... the first was at Sainsburys, which is just round the corner from where I live, and it would take me 10 min to walk or cycle to work... the second is at least a 30 min commute in a car on the motorway, however, it's probably better paid, and it's my current field of interest... I should hear if I've got either job sometime next week!! Wish me luck!!

I hope I get one or both of the jobs, cause I seriously need the money!! My last wage cheque went in the bank at the end of March, and although I get Job Seekers allowance, it's a pittance which just about pays for bills and food!!

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New Toys!!

August 20th, 2005 (06:28 pm)

current mood: confused


We sold our Fiat Uno to my mum, since it wasn't really the best car for us, and my mum had her car stolen last month, and we went to pick up the replacement today, a red Alfa Romeo 33 16 valve Sportwagon, which basically means it's a stylish, fast estate car.

We got McDonald's on the way down, so it was a nice afternoon out, even if quite a bit of it was spent on the motorway... plus I went to Sainsburys yesterday to fill in an application form, the personel lady was nice, and I think I made a good impression, or at least I hope I did, so I'm hoping I'll get a job.

Okay, so it isn't what I've been doing for the last decade or so, but maybe it WILL allow me to go back to college part time this September, and get a useful qualification, and still have money coming in to pay the mortgage!! Plus the Viking wants me to go back to my roots (originally did business studies & computing when I left school), since he finishes his computing degree next year, and he wants to maybe set up his own webhosting company... decisions, decisions!! *sighs* I just don't think I could cope with 2 courses plus a job, plus a family!! So I'll have to decide whether to do what I want to do, or to do what he wants me to do... I suppose it wouldn't be a hardship to go back to business & computing... I dunno, I'll just have to think more on it, do I really want to be dragged into doing the accounts for a self-employed business!! Do I want the responsibility, the stress!! It made me ill last time, and if something goes wrong, it could destroy our 15 year relationship, do I really want to take that chance!!

Huh, so something that started out cheerful, ended more in the angst spectrum *sighs* well at least I've got it off my chest, and although the Viking knows I have a LJ account, it's unlikely that he'll read this, and if he does well c'est la vie!!

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Nature Lover

August 17th, 2005 (08:00 pm)

current mood: geeky


Wow, this is really cool!! Today in our back garden we saw a frog!!

Now if this was my Mum's garden, then it wouldn't be a big deal, since she has loads of frogs, hedgehogs too!! In fact, where she lives it's not unusual to see birds of prey like Sparrowhawks and Kestrals hovering, as well as carrion eaters such as Crows and Magpies, she has Robins, Tits and Finches visit her bird feeders, and geese migrate overhead every year, and one year we actually had a Swallows nest!! She doesn't have Grey Squirrels, but some areas of the town do, I think the only things they don't have are foxes and badgers, at least I've never heard of anyone seeing one anyway.

But round by us, not so common... though I did see some wild rabbits at the grass verge once, when I was on my way to work one early morning, I think they live in the old church yard.

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The Viking Strikes Again!!

August 10th, 2005 (01:13 pm)

current mood: amused


I can always rely on my Viking to provide me with funny, and usually bad taste jokes, this time he sent me the link to this cool flash graphic site...


Be sure to check out Little Red Riding Ho' by NotSafeForWork... and it really isn't!!

Cara (aka) Lady Flame [userpic]

*ahem* not quite work safe quiz... XD

August 7th, 2005 (11:30 am)

current mood: filthy, dirty!! cum clean me!!
current song: Adam & the Ants - S.E.X


What Gay Sex Position Are You? TAKE THE QUIZ AND DO TELL!!

I'm a dirty girl... I need a wash!!Collapse )

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The Viking is spamming me with BAD jokes!!

August 5th, 2005 (09:41 pm)

current mood: amused

He's in the office, I'm in our bedroom with the laptop, and he's spamming my MSN with really BAD jokes... mind you this is quite cool!!

Generate your Viking name

This is what I came out as...

from this day forward you will also be known as
Ingibjörg the Brave

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(no subject)

July 31st, 2005 (10:54 am)

current mood: bouncy
current song: Adam & the Ants - Bright Lights, Black Leather

Got this from phoenixflame1

You scored as Dawn Summers. You're a typical teenager. Though it seems people don't care about you, they really do. Heck, they'd give their lives for yours. Things change, you can't change that, but you can deal, and you will!


Dawn Summers


Buffy Summers


Xander Harris


Tara Maclay






Rupert Giles


Willow Rosenberg


Which Buffy The Vampire Slayer Character Are You Most Like!?
created with QuizFarm.com

On my 32nd Birthday I gotta laugh... typical teenager, huh?! XD

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32 today!!

July 31st, 2005 (12:38 am)

current mood: flirty
current song: Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday dear Cara,

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Okay, so I'm crazy to be singing Happy Birthday to myself, but the Ginger Viking is off co-driving on a Night-Time Navigation Road Rally, and the Chibi is fast asleep, bless her... she looks so cute!!

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Strange... but the Real Deal!!

July 29th, 2005 (12:14 am)

current mood: periods suck!!


This thing would definitely give you the Ultimate Music Buzz!!

The linkie came from the 'Ginger Viking', or in-other-words my other half, he is such a tech-head... he's also more than a little perverted, and we share the same sense of humour *lol*

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I'm Ron Weasley?!?!

July 27th, 2005 (08:47 am)

current mood: cheerful
current song: Ghost of the Robot - Valerie


Got this from shiroioji, though I notice I also scored high for Hermione and Dumbledore!!

You scored as Ron Weasley. You often feel like second best and as a result don't have an awful lot of self confidence, but a truer more capable friend would be hard to find.


Ron Weasley


Hermione Granger


Albus Dumbledore


Sirius Black


Remus Lupin


Ginny Weasley


Draco Malfoy


Harry Potter


Severus Snape


Lord Voldemort


Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with QuizFarm.com

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R I P Escapee Sheep

July 25th, 2005 (01:19 pm)

current mood: sad

I glanced out of the window earlier, and the fleece man was here... as I watched him load his truck, I thought to myself... 'some of those fleeces probably belonged to the sheep that were wandering around the yard last night after their great escape failed...'

What a downer!! and if that wasn't bad enough, they had some pigs... cows and sheep are stupid animals, pigs are very intelligent creatures, and they have a sense of smell equal to dogs... you do the math!!

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The Great Escape!!

July 24th, 2005 (08:37 pm)

current mood: geeky
current song: Rythem - Harmonia (Naruto Theme)

I've got to laugh... 6 sheep have somehow managed to get free of their pens, and are currently wandering around the slaughterhouse yard, if we didn't live right on a busy main road I'd be so tempted to go out and unlatch the gate to the yard!!

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July 24th, 2005 (04:14 pm)

current mood: geeky
current song: Buffy Musical - Giles - Standing In The Way

THE CHIBI DID A POO ON THE POTTY!! *dances with joy* and she's pretty much dry during the day, and at night!!

*ahem* Okay, so a bit of a rabid mother moment there!! XD Ah, the joys of potty training!!

I'm also happy cause I read an e-mail from James Marsters Live, the official UK site, and he's going to be in 'Smallville', as the evil 'Brainiac', but we've been assured that it won't affect James's live gigs in London in October... better not, I've got tickets to the Friday and Saturday night gigs (was going to go for the Thursday too, but a long weekend is all I can manage to afford!!

More about James's 'Smallville' appearence...Collapse )

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(no subject)

July 22nd, 2005 (05:37 pm)

current mood: busy
current song: Ghost of the Robot - This Town

Sensual Soul - You have no yaoi percentage. You work all ways!

Image hosted by<br>Photobucket.com

Congratulations! You are the sensual soul! It doesn't matter if you are seme or uke as long as you have a good time. And dammit, you make sure you do! You are liberal and unconventional; not that you ignore old believes, but you believe in freedom of actions! Good for you.

Most compatible with: other sensual souls Ultimate Yaoi-level selector! brought to you by Quizilla

I just love these things!!

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May 25th, 2005 (12:28 pm)

current mood: jubilant
current song: James Marsters - Katie


James Marsters new solo album just came in the post!! *dances round room with glee* (a'la Blue from 'Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends') can't wait to listen to it, but dammit it's in one of those cellophane wrappers which is almost impossible to get off!! *GRR ARGH* there's a crack in the casing, but I don't effin' care as long as the CD in in perfect nick.

The chibi also got post... my inlaws sent her a postcard from Wales, got your usual red dragon and 'cofion o gymru', no real message on the back, but then there's not much point when your sending it to someone who's 3 and can't read!! It is now her prized possession, which means she'll take it everywhere with her, until she eventually will end up ripping it, they're so cute at that age (when they're not having a tantrum anyway) :P

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My avatar...

May 24th, 2005 (09:51 am)

current mood: cheerful
current song: none

The animated avatar I created for devART is far too small for LJ, so I upped the size to 75x75, I decided not to make it the full 100x100 cause it made it really blurry...

If anyone's interested, it started life as a pencil drawing which my friend Kasumi let me play with, hmm, must be back around 2001, back then my own art was bloody awful, but I loved to do colourwork... this was originally just done with colour pencils, but this piece was my first attempt at doing some CG colour with Photoshop, I'll post the full piece in my redhotwords community sometime.

The animation goes something like this... face, tits, arse, gun, 'kiss your ass goodbye', blood, flashing 'game over' *snickers*

I fell in love with this back when Kasumi gifted it to me way back when, it is actually a pretty good anime likeness of me back then (I've got long hair now), and it has been and always will be my precious avatar!!

Sadly I lost touch with Kasumi... girlfriend if you see this and recognise it, get in touch cause I miss talking to ya *kisses* I'll write/draw some femslash just for you it's a promise!!