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Cara (aka) Lady Flame [userpic]

Where's your Fic/Art?! + Requests

July 31st, 2010 (02:15 pm)

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If you are looking for my artwork and fiction, you can find it all at redhotwords, and please feed the author/artist, the more you comment, the more likely it is that I will be motivated to write/draw more!!

Other communities that belong to me, where I post various projects are:

sunnyd_bfast - fic based on the film 'The Breakfast Club', with a Spander twist!!

dogsontheblock - weird AU art project which I play with when I'm in the mood for a laugh... the male cast of Buffy/Angel as naked chibi doyboys!! The first set of cartoons are entitled 'The Adventures of Xanpet & Spike the Horny Dog!!'

look_b4_u_leap - my AU 6th Year Harry/Draco fic... started in October 2004, currently on hiatus, since my Harry/Draco muse stayed AWOL, when the rest of my muses returned to me, wasn't helped that I couldn't get into reading 'Half Blood Prince', but it perked up a bit when I went to watch 'Goblet of Fire' at the cinema, (even though there wasn't near enough Harry/Draco interaction as I would have liked), so it may return when I get the DVD (it's on order!!)

Oh, and if you have any requests, please feel free to post them in a comment on this thread. stretfordditto & executed_blonde gave me some great ones!! Remember however, that I have a massive 'to do' list of writing, and art, so you might not get your request straight away!!


Posted by: Ditto (stretfordditto)
Posted at: August 16th, 2005 05:20 pm (UTC)

I'm thinking if you want comments you should do a faery!Spike ;)

Posted by: Cara (aka) Lady Flame (ladyflame_uk)
Posted at: August 18th, 2005 08:52 am (UTC)

hmm, Fairy Spike... yeah, I could do that, in fact I've got a few ideas now you mention it... challenge accepted pet!! XD

Posted by: Cara (aka) Lady Flame (ladyflame_uk)
Posted at: December 7th, 2005 10:40 am (UTC)

Fairy!Spike can be found HERE

Posted by: Brittany (executed_blonde)
Posted at: January 15th, 2006 01:24 am (UTC)

Hey. I saw your Jailed!Xander and I loved it, so I have a teeny tiny request for you.

Could you please please please make me a banner for my lj that is 999x390/400 based on Spander? And if you could find it in your heart to make me a Friend's Only banner too, that'd be great.

I have only one pic that I'd like for you to use, and it's this one: http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/9040/spike95nu.jpg


Posted by: Cara (aka) Lady Flame (ladyflame_uk)
Posted at: January 15th, 2006 06:31 pm (UTC)
Bite My Sexy Arse

Okay, so I can see that you like Punk!Spike... do you want Punk!Xander too, cause I have an idea for a worksafe spander manip using the pic you've given me... as for a 'friends-only', that would have to wait until I found a suitable punk pic, but I think I might have something suitable!!

Posted by: Brittany (executed_blonde)
Posted at: January 15th, 2006 11:17 pm (UTC)

That would be wonderful! :D

Posted by: Cara (aka) Lady Flame (ladyflame_uk)
Posted at: January 15th, 2006 10:41 pm (UTC)
Bite My Sexy Arse

Done & Dusted!! I hope you like!!

(Subway Spander)

Posted by: midnight (inkingwords)
Posted at: April 12th, 2006 06:51 am (UTC)
spander together

I was wondering if you were going to continue sunnyd_bfast?

Posted by: Virtual Personal (virtualpersonal)
Posted at: August 5th, 2006 01:48 am (UTC)
To Do List - by mllereddeath

Hi sweetie,

I've posted the next chapter of Rules dedicated to you ::grins:: Hope you enjoy it. *Hugs*

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: January 6th, 2007 09:46 am (UTC)

I was reading sunnyd bfast and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!

I really hope you continue to write that story cuz you have no idea how awesome that would be.

Not trying to bug you into picking up the story jsut wanted to let you know that i loved the story


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