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Cara (aka) Lady Flame [userpic]

Harry Potter FicRecs

July 17th, 2010 (04:49 pm)

current mood: enthralled


A Long Misadventure (oneshot fic) by Ociwen (hydaspes) - time travel

Agnus Dei (oneshot ficlet) by silentauror

All The Answers (WIP @ 16 chapters) by Maxine - developing feelings

An Obscene Obsession (oneshot ficlet) by Jitterbug - developing feelings

Backsplash (oneshot ficlet) by GatewayGirl - sex swap

Beneath You (complete @ 15 chapters) by Cinnamon - developing feelings

Building With Worn-Out Tools ( @ 33 chapters) by Lomonaaeren - post hogwarts

Careful Who You're Caught With (oneshot ficlet) by Maxine - Magical Mayhem

Checkmating (complete @ 3 chapters) by mahaliem - humor

Dancing Queen (oneshot ficlet) by Maya - humor

Distorted Exposure (WIP @ 22 chapters) by Incessant_Darkness - post hogwarts

Four Letter Words (oneshot ficlet) by weatherby - pr0n

Friend Like Me (oneshot ficlet) by ladyvader - angsty

Friendly Favor (oneshot ficlet) by silentauror - post hogwarts

Girl Stuff and the Boys (oneshot ficlet) by GatewayGirl - sex swap, cross dressing & threesome Harry/Draco/Male Hermione

Haunted (oneshot ficlet) by Spite - angst/dark

In The Room of Requirement & Memory (oneshot ficlets) by silentauror - angsty with a happy ending

Keeper (oneshot ficlet) by kabeyk - no magic au

Leather and Lipstick (oneshot ficlet) by Ashley W - cross dress

Lessons (oneshot ficlet) by Phoenix Whitebirch - sex magic

Madness (oneshot ficlet) by jameschick - pr0n

Mistaken Identity (oneshot ficlet) by Maxine - polyjuice

One Night At The Ministry (oneshot ficlet) by Maeglin Yedi - post hogwarts

Rivalry (oneshot ficlet) by orange_balloon

Scruff (oneshot ficlet) by moonflower_rose - humor

Sex Magic (WIP @ 18 chapters) by velvetblood_fic - sex magic

Skirting The Issue (oneshot ficlet) by marksykins - cross dress

Slytherin Drag & Stranger In The Dark (oneshot ficlets) by Carrie DeMarchi - cross dress

Started With A Spin (complete @ 17 chapters) by Maxine - developing feelings

Stuck With You (on hiatus @ 7 chapters) by trulymad

Stuck With You (oneshot ficlet) by Maxine - trapped

Subtle Nuances (oneshot ficlet) by Anj - cross dress

The Difference Between Girls & Boys (oneshot ficlet) by Maxine - awakening sexuality

The Malfoy Guide to Productive Extortion (oneshot ficlet) by mirasfics - threesome Harry/Draco/Ron

The Ol' Switcheroo (oneshot ficlet) by cursescar

Things That Seem (oneshot ficlet) by Maeglin Yedi - Magical Mayhem

We Are The Champions (WIP @ 6 chapters) by pir8fancier - rivalry

What You Wish For (oneshot ficlet) by emmagrant01

Whispers (complete @ 7 chapters) by Maxine - somnophilia