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X-men Evolution FicRecs

July 3rd, 2010 (08:00 pm)

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I have quite a few favourite pairings in the fandom, het would be Kitty/Kurt, Rogue/Todd, & Rogue/Remy; and slash pairings would be Todd/Kurt, and Pietro/Evan... and I'll give you three guesses to which pairing is my favourite, and the first two don't count!! *lol*


A Tail For All Occasions (oneshot ficlet) by silvolf

Bath Time! (oneshot ficlet) by melarocco

Because I Got High (on hiatus @ 12 chapters) by crimsonobsessor & idgiebay

Cheeseburgers (oneshot ficlet) by earthenwing

Date Night (complete @ 2 chapters) by mouse42

Doubts (oneshot ficlet) by melarocco

For Whom The Frog Croaks (oneshot ficlet) by mouse42

Give A Little, Get A Little (oneshot ficlet) by funkyfunkyusopp

Have Your Popsicle & Eat It Too (oneshot ficlet) by choco_sama

Hazy Toad of Winter (oneshot ficlet) by mouse42

In The Closet (oneshot ficlet) by crimsonobsessor

Je Souhaite (oneshot ficlet) by calovor

Kinks (complete @ 2 chapters) by nightclaw42

Kiss (Keep It Simple Stupid) (oneshot ficlet) by lies_d

On The Cards (oneshot ficlet) by melarocco

Make Me Smile (oneshot ficlet) by funkyfunkyusopp

Make The Most Of It (oneshot ficlet) by funkyfunkyusopp

Mallrats (oneshot ficlet) by crimsonobsessor & idgiebay

Never What You Expect (complete @ 2 chapters) by melarocco

Nix (oneshot ficlet) by ditzcat

Self Pleasure (drabble) by egiggle

Self Stimulation (oneshot ficlet) by melarocco

Sleep Over (oneshot ficlet) by billie_tal

Sneaking (oneshot ficlet) by devilishkurumi

Stage Three (oneshot ficlet) by melarocco

Storm Season (oneshot ficlet) by earthenwing

Sunshine and Chocolate (oneshot ficlet) by crimsonobsessor

Survive What? (oneshot ficlet) by manikaitwing

Sweet Sixteen (oneshot ficlet) by melarocco

Tentative Toad (oneshot ficlet) by briseis

The Elf and the Frog Prince (pairing essay) by crimsonobsessor

The Janitor's Closet (oneshot ficlet) by devilishkurumi

The Problem With Parenthood (WIP @ 3 chapter) by funkyfunkyusopp

The Problem With Secrets (WIP @ 7 chapters) by funkyfunkyusopp

Those Daring Young Men (oneshot ficlet) by dorksidefiker

Thunderbird (oneshot ficlet) by daughtersofisis

Thursday Afternoons & The Toad Strikes Back by melarocco

You Better Watch Out (oneshot ficlet) by melarocco


The Punch & Toilet Break by Sarkywoman


The Best Laid Plans (complete @ 9 chapters) by sumthinelse - also contains Logan/Jean


Multiple Pairings - Kurt/Kitty, Rogue/Todd,

Forever (complete @ 33 chapters)


Posted by: :D (pipebomb_here)
Posted at: September 3rd, 2007 12:59 am (UTC)

I googled my username and found it here... glad u like my fics :D

Posted by: Mandy (isobel_thoreaux)
Posted at: March 17th, 2012 08:02 pm (UTC)

yeah x-men

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